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The purpose of Med to One is to provide long-term medicine and medical care for patients in third world countries who have specific medical conditions that require constant long-term care, such as epilepsy, diabetes, MS, or heart conditions.

While several organizations exist that provide medical visits and prescribe medicines on short-term missions, these organizations are not funded to provide medicine which will last beyond a month. Doctors in these organizations counsel patients to seek medical care or another prescription from a local doctor at the end of that month, but the economic situation of many of these patients will not permit them to purchase the medicines once they run out.

While medical care is "socialized" in most Latin American countries, the programs are underfunded. Medicine is generally not paid for. Med to One will provide that care once the medicine from the short-term mission runs out. Med to One will seek to uphold the promise of support and compassion extended to the patient by the short-term missions teams.

Med to One was started in 2005 by Tauni Crefeld, in response to the need she saw to support patients with chronic conditions beyond the duration of the short term mission clinics.  Tauni had participated as a translator on 7 short-term medical missions in Latin America when two 18-year old males with epilepsy came to the clinic in a shantytown outside of Lima.  The mission clinic was not funded to support the boys for more than a month, and the boys and their fathers were advised to purchase additional medicine after the medicine ran out.   Tauni knew the likelihood of that was slim, and also knew that the country’s underfunded socialized medicine program couldn’t support them.   She started med to One to support those boys, and others like them with chronic conditions who came to medical mission clinics  looking for relief, and prior to Med to One only found temporary solace.  

Med to One currently operates in Lima and Arequipa Peru, and is looking to expand to other countries over the coming years.