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Sponsor a Patient - $25 per month

For the cost of just $25 a month, Med to One sponsors provide the medication needed by a patient with a chronic condition.  Depending on the patient and the condition, the medicine may allow the patient to resume a normal life, with the condition under control. You may also contact Med to One at info@med2one.org and ask to be assigned a patient.

Sponsors who wish to support multiple patients should sign-up once per each patient using the button above, or email info@med2one.org

Our Patients

Nicole Alavo

Age 3
Lima, Peru
Nicole was diagnosed with Epilepsy since she was 4 months old.  Her mother’s name is Carmen Huaman Rojas, and is pictured with Nicole.   


Saida Ícela Salazar Haro
Born August 11, 1996
Lima Peru

Saida Icela was diagnosed with Diabetes in December 2006.   Her parents were diabetic, and she has 4 siblings with diabetes.  She and her husband live in a rough shack made of wood with a sandy floor. She has three school-age children. She is a teacher of pastry making but she is out of work.  Her husband is occasionally employed, and they have very few economic resources. 


Liz Nataly  Asto Villanueva
December 2 , 1998
Lima, Peru

Liz Nataly was diagnosed with Epilepsy when she was four years old.  There are five children in the family, and they live in a dirt-floored shack at the very top of the hill of Pamplona Alta, an impoverished district on the outside of Lima. Liz Nataly’s uncle who suffers from schizophrenia also lives with them.  Liz Nataly’s mother works at a government-funded soup kitchen.   And her father is occasionally employed as a brick-maker.  

Rosa Julia Carbajal Chumpitaz
Age 52
Diabetes and hypertension
Lima, Peru

Rosa was diagnosed in May of 2006 but wasn’t able to purchase medication to begin treatment.   Rosa is married and her husband is a mechanic.  They have four children, all of whom are married and all of whom live with them.  In total they live with 8 adults and 11 children in one house.   Rosa is dedicated to keeping the house and watching the grandchildren.  

Paulina Espinoza Ataha
Hypertension, osteoporosis, high cholesterol
Lima Peru
Paulina lives with her husband who is occasionally employed as a bricklayer, and their two daughters, both of whom are single mothers.


Aide Cayhualla Yacra
Age 16 Epilepsy
Lima, Peru

Aide lives with her mother, Maribel Yacra, who has five children and lives with a man who is not Aide’s father.  Aide’s extremities are slightly numb and require exams.  She is currently undergoing treatment. 


Mery Sila Supa Huanta
Arequipa, Peru

Mery was diagnosed with Epilepsy when she was 13  years old.  She has not been taking medication prior to Med to One’s support due to lack of economic resources.   She lives with her father who is 73, a bricklayer and an alcoholic, and with two of her three brothers who are both street salesmen, or peddlers, selling various items to passersby.  A sister-in-law, who is also a peddler, lives with her as well.   As Mery’s epilepsy has not been medicated she has not been able to work.